Character alternate universe on Undertale game called UnderLust. He is known for his perversity.

His creator is called Shame Cave (on tumblr).

Appearance Edit

Dressed in a purple sleeveless jacket and short shirt with a pattern in the form of heart. Also it tight pants and tall, knee-length boots with heels. It has the soul of plum color, purple tongue and fangs. Instead of the usual eye his pupils in the form of hearts, and during the fight one of the left eye turns pink or purple.

Personality Edit

He's very Perverted. Like the original Sans, loves jokes,his brother Papyrus, however, in contrast to the pre-image of its canonicity, his jokes trite. Cynical. Does not miss the opportunity to fuck or flirt someone.

Abilities Edit

The same as at the original Sans but unlike him, does not use the blue and purple and magic attacks. Gaster Blasters in contrast to the original is not white and pink. It is also possible Lust Sans can temporarily subordinate to the will of any man,woman or monster.

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