Papyrus is younger brother of Sans and one of the main characters in Underlust. His main motive is to capture a human, so he can join the Royal Harem. He's a pervert, like his brother Sans. But he still likes to cook spaghetti, like Undertale Papyrus.
Underlust Sans


Papyrus is a tall skeleton with rather unusual anatomy, as well as his original. He wears a black top, black cloak, pink corset (or pink tummy), black belt with yellow hearts on it, black tight pants and yellow boots.

Personality Edit

He is still pervert, but he is more interested in romance, thats why Undyne can't let him in Royal Harem. he has a crush on Mettaton(ps he sucks dick for spaghett). Although dirty-minded, in this AU Papyrus is still a sweetheart. He helps Mettaton to overcome their trauma, creating a very special bond between them.